What Sets Us Apart

Providing a Comfortable Experience

At Hartley Bridge Family Dentistry, we treat every patient the way we would our own family. If patients are nervous or scared, we understand that. Dental treatment is a scary experience for many people, particularly if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. We are patient and conscientious of how this can effect a patient’s attitude toward his or her oral health. We are happy to work with patients in a manner they feel comfortable in order to help them achieve their smile goals.

Attention to Detail

Our practice utilizes the latest in dental technology in order to provide the earliest detection of possible dental problems. Preventive care and education is the best way to reduce oral disease and future expense of dental treatment. We will spend the time to discuss proper care, healthy diet, and encourage you to maintain regular cleanings. We offer a complete guarantee of your dental work, including a one-year guarantee for fillings, crowns, and bridges if they fail for any reason as long you maintain your regular cleanings.

Designed Just for You

Our office is very comfortable and has a homey feel thanks to Dr. Bennett, Dr. Labuda, Dr. Brown and Dr. Holly's personalized design plan. Every single inch of our office was designed by them to make patients feel like they’ve walked into a living room. While most dental offices have a sterile or clinical feel, Dr. Bennett, Dr. Labuda, Dr. Brown and Dr. Leavengood wanted to help patients feel at home.

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